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This is DeviantSlashLonghorn here, all systems go.

As you know, :rabbithole: DEVIANT ART unveiled a new look yesterday, complete with a big announcement, a bunch of "teasers" like the 14th annyversary Journal post and this rabbit hole game... and tons of dA users disliking the new logo.

What is probably a big offender to the community is that they hired Moving Brands to do the new visual identity. From what I know, Moving Brands does not have a DeviantArt account or any visible connection to the dA community other than this branding project.

Well, I think that instead of hiring an external company to do a rebrand of sorts they could hire us to do the job! For free, even!

Why? Easy: among the huge amount of artists who draw crazy awesome stuff, anime and shipfiction stuff, there's an amount of people capable of making cool logos themselves. This may not be Bēhance (graphic design-orientated blog), but it sure has its fair share of logo designers somewhere. You just have to dig deeper to find them.

As for me, I'm a logo/deisgn enthusiast who does alot of branding stuff in some of his spare time (this is where I tend to put my logo and branding stuff). I can help deviantArt by not only designing a new logo, but also designing an entire visual identity for deviantArt, either myself or with the help of fellow deviantArtists. For free.

This would benefit deviantArt itself because it would have an entire visual identity built entirely by deviantArtists like myself instead of external sources like Moving Brands or Futurebrand.

For proof, see my deviantArt logo concept for example. Or this one. Or this. Or this. Or even this. We are capable to make a logo for dA. As capable as Moving Brands itself.

Once again, deviantArt should consider either hiring us deviantArtists to make a logo at least. Many of us would volunteer to do it ourselves. Even a rebranding contest would do the job, though it would generate competitiveness between fellow dA users. But still.

Alright. I've said it too many times for now, so I'll wrap it up for now. Please make sure to post any comment below and don't forget to share it with your fellow dA friends. It means so much to me, because otherwise I will very loney if you don't share and comment. :( Feedback is important, you know. I'll try to reply to your comments if possible.

See you next time! xoxo desla

Fun fact: Moving Brands designed an identity for HP back in Dec. 2011, only to be "rejected" by HP some time later.

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